Unknown Facts About Warehouse Management

Every warehouse will obviously have a constant need for inventory movement and relocation. To this end, pallet jacks and trans-positional equipment are designed to simplify the movement process. Pallet jacks and other trans-petitioners come in a wide variety of sizes and weight certifications, customizable for space limitations and weight constraints. Whether it is transporting pallets from one location in the warehouse to another or stacking crates horizontally, a trans-positioned of some type has been designed to simply the process. Additionally, these pieces of equipment are available at every price point and level of automation. Log on to order picking equipment

In terms of preparing inventory for travel or storage, shrink-wrapping is the most accepted method of preparation. The type of machine used to administer and heat the shrink-warp again depend on individual industry needs, but the basic principle of covering a pallet or inventory load in plastic and then tightening the material remains the same. This is done in an effort to reduce friction and product movement during transportation. As far as small-package transport goes, most warehouses rely on gravity rollers to complete the task. Gravity rollers are a system of roller wheels and bearing connected to moveable stands designed to quickly transport material from one location to another with minimal force requirements. These are ideal for use around loading docks, as they can be easily placed inside mobile shipping containers for rapid loading/unloading.

In terms of employee specific equipment, most warehouses utilize several basic items designed to reduce workplace injury, either accidental or of the repetitive stress nature. Support belts are the most common, cinching around the waist and preventing improper bending during the lifting process. Anti-fatigue mats are large, usually black mats, placed in areas of high traffic to reduce the stress placed on joints and ligaments. The spongy material used in their construction acts as an additional shock absorber for joints and feet. Of course this just touches the surface of items of equipment that are used and required in a warehouse. There are many others that are used to make life easier and save money (such as pallet inverters) and those for extra safety. Each warehouse will have a different range of equipment but with many familiar faces across the board.

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Basic Informative Data on Warehouse Management

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A Closer Look Into Warehouse Management Systems

Just-in-time inventory management systems used in distributions centers are critical for today’s production facilities and raw materials suppliers. Vendors that provide raw, perishable products need access to accurate, real-time inventory management information. This information is critical to meeting their customer’s ever changing production needs. Modern warehousing technologies are designed to track the activities performed in a distribution center and provide the detailed, real time data these vendors require.

Inventory managers that use cold storage facilities to process and fulfill orders, will look to modern warehouse management systems to provide the flexible solutions their supply chains need. The advanced Warehouse Management Systems, or WMS, provide this state of the art technology. Vendors that need to track their products through receiving, putaway, order batching and waving, picking, consolidation, staging, and loading rely on these systems which are often coupled the latest in radio frequency, or RF technology, sophisticated software, hardware and networking technology. The WMS supplies time critical data via the web, email, or other documentation available for remote desktop monitoring.

At the warehouse facility, operators use wireless, handheld bar code scanning computers to confirm receiving, picking and shipping. These computers are networked to provide data in real time via web based systems to their customer’s desktop or wireless monitoring terminal. Customers are able to access inventory, transaction histories and order status, and review reports that can be printed in Adobe format or exported to an Excel spreadsheet for further analysis. The use of RF technology enables vendors to track the movement of their inventory through the warehouse without relying on their staff to scan each pallet with a handheld computer. Using the available software, they can time shipments to the warehouse based on orders being fulfilled by the storage facility. For a company supplying raw produce, this information can be delivered right to the fields.

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